The UK’s limited research budget needs to focus on only a few areas where we can genuinely develop a real competitive advantage. We would do well to do away with science fiction fantasies like directed energy weapons and focus on concrete goals.

The Government’s 2021 Integrated Review identifies quantum technology…

Opaque government investments and questions on sustainability need to be urgently clarified

Laurence Russell is a journalist who covers the UK space sector. He can be found at

The recent Integrated Review reiterated the country’s commitment to a UK commercial launch in 2022 from Scotland, most likely referring to…

The Integrated Review exhibits limited development of what the role and integration of ‘cyber’ will be in the future UK defence and security landscape as much as it seems to sidestep the crucial role of cyber security for the prosperity of the country

Cyber power runs throughout the Government’s recent…

Execution remains the key flaw that will bring down the “strategic realignment” justifying heavy cuts to British armed forces

Over the course of a week in March the Government published a suite of publications that, for better or worse, are set to redefine the role of the UK armed forces…

Fabians' Defence & Security

Defence & Security arm of the Fabian Society, commenting on UK defence and national security policy.

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